Hand made in Italy. The manufacturing process

Italy has a century long tradition in art, design and craftsmanship. Italian design and brands nowadays almost dominate the fashion and homefurnishing markets. If it's got class, it is probably Made in Italy. So are our products! Our furniture is produced by rather small, family owned, production units in Tuscany.


Raw steelwelding the framesgrinding the welds

Most of our products being made of steel, a large part of the production consists in cutting, bending and welding.


frame polishingacid bathchrome bath

The raw frames are shipped to the electroplating plant, where they are first polished and then plated with two coatings of nickel and a final layer of chrome to give the metal a mirrorlike finish for many, many years.

leather cuttingsewingend control

The final step is cutting and sewing the upholsteries from choicest leather hides, or fabrics, mounting and carefully packaging the finished furniture after a scrutinious quality check.