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In some ways Marcel Breuer contributed more to the Bauhaus school of thoughts than some of his more famous colleagues. The relatively small number of designs is still considered a pioneering effort that made tubular steel a feasible and reliable material for furniture construction in the following years. Tubular steel would allow the realization of new design concepts. Cantilevers and other lightweight furniture types became popular options.

One of the most famous chairs in this category is a Marcel Breuer chair.

Marcel Breuer sofas are relatively rare in comparison. The tubular steel sofa F40, a cantilever as well but with fully upholstered seat and backrest, is still in production but not nearly as popular as the Wassily Chair that even then had a high profile fan community.

Tubular steel furniture should inspire many designers in the 1920s and later become available in many more variations. 


A Marcel Breuer chair as ambassador for a new era in furniture

The Wassily chair was an individual design project in 1926, the realization of a new furniture type. The innovative interpretation of a classic club chair is an extremely slimmed down version of a furniture classic that is typically heavily upholstered.

A complex tubular steel frame and tight leather parts replace the components of a traditionally heavy and chunky armchair. Thanks to smart angles and the decline of seat and backrest it still results in a surprisingly comfortable seating experience.

Initially just named Tubular Steel chair this furniture design is without any doubt a real Bauhaus design. The name Wassily came later. Wassily Kandinsky called a set of the highly appreciated Breuer chairs his own in his apartment at the Bauhaus.