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Mies van der Rohe chairs and sofas


Mies van der Rohe chairs and sofas are almost all coveted design classics and exemplary for Bauhaus furniture. The seating furniture of the renowned architect met and influenced the taste of an entire century.

The characteristic leather upholstery requires precise manual labour. Each piece of furniture has its cushioning upholstered with leather from a single cowhide, even the welting and buttons. The leather is cut in small panels, welted and tufted manually.


Mies van der Rohe chairs


The Bracelona chair was presented in 1929 at the Barcelona world exhibition along with the Barcelona ottoman. Both are unmistakably a team even though they work well alone. 

It is almost impossible to say what is more beautiful. The elegantly bent and cross-legged flat steel base, an innovation at the time, or the distinctive leather upholstery, that offers an incredibly comfortable seating experience.

Without questions this designer chair is an object of desire. The Barcelona furniture range is a well balanced mix of luxury and “less is more” and each design a coveted specimen of design furniture.


Mies van der Rohe sofas


Amongst the Mies van der Rohe sofas the Barcelona Bed is the most popular. It is the perfect addition to the chair and ottoman of the same name.

The Barcelona sofa is one of the furniture designs that make it possible to dream yourself around the world while you are resting in it. Whether you choose to travel to a tropical hideaway or a cool club in Berlin is up to you. The sofa works pretty well at home too.

The Barcelona Bed was designed a year after the world exhibition and chosen for Philip Johnson’s exclusive New York apartment many years later

Generous in size as it is here the elegant padding is most impressive. The straight tubular steel base hardly distracts the eye from it. A bolster is adjusted through snap locking straps.


The Barcelona chair today


This Mies van der Rohe chair is one of the most copied furniture designs today. When choosing one of the unauthorized reproductions one should exercise caution. Some reproductions are high quality and manufactured as carefully as the so-called originals but others are easily recognizable as cheap copies even from a distance.