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Arne Jacobsen chairs and sofas


The Danish architect and designer is a household name of Scandinavian design. His furniture designs are early representatives of a style that pleases the eye most of all with naturalistic elements and organic forms. And yet Arne Jacobsen had a reputation as a futurist as well.

While Arne Jacobsen sofas receive a little less attention today his lounge chairs are highly coveted design classics, with unchanged success for almost 60 years by now. Countless designers have taken his designs as inspiration and with it helped building the popularity of Scandinavian design


Arne Jacobsen chairs

The lounge furniture for the SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen guarantees Jacobsen his deserved spot in design history. What was new and unconventional might have become mainstream over time but never lost its appeal.

The Egg chair with its high backrest is particularly prominent and popular. The entire seat truly forms a shell and offers the protection an eggshell is supposed to offer for its inhabitant. Its unique form makes this chair a favourite for reading corners. 

Originally this chair was designed for lobby and other public areas of the hotel with the purpose to offer some privacy amidst bustling crowds.

A job the Egg chair does formidably well whether in private or public spaces.

The Swan chair too is a turning chair and had to fulfil similar roles at the hotel as the Egg. No less distinctive in form it is much more flexible to use thanks to the regular height of the backrest. Both have in common the adjustable swivel function.

The Swan chair is available as a sofa as well but due to little demand we do not have the sofa in our product line.

Both designer chairs feature a seat shell made of fiberglass, the material that made this kind of form and organic shapes only possible.

The lounge chairs are available either with a fine aniline leather or Danish wool fabric upholstery thus varying between casual playful charms and high-end formal finish. In bold colours they make wonderful accents in any type of room.

The Arne Jacobsen chairs are expressive yet congenial examples of design furniture that is comfortable to use and simply good company.