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Marcel Breuer Designer Chairs


Even though Marcel Breuer never became as celebrated an architect as his colleague Mies van der Rohe, his qualities as furniture designer are undoubtedly equal. His development from traditional craftsmanship towards industrial methods and ultimately the merger of both, stands exemplary for the paradigm shift at the Bauhaus itself. 

Marcel Breuer designer chairs are the kind of designer chairs that are not only pretty and practical but also tell the story of an era during which innovation was still innovative and the word designer furniture was more than a buzzword.


The Marcel Breuer chair unites tradition and modern trends


The Cesca chairs B32 and B64 are not only design classics but also prime examples in more than one category.

They belong to the first successfully realized designs of cantilevers, a concept that caught the fancy of quite a few designers in the late 1920s. In 1927 Mark Stam’s innovative but still raw designs unleashed a series of developments, partly due to the fact that a new material had become a viable resource for furniture construction.

Tubular steel allowed robust designs with minimal material usage. Marcel Breuer became a pioneer in this field and a critical contributor to the worldwide success of German tubular steel furniture. 

Material and structure form a perfect team. The unique features of the material only made the lightweight cantilever possible. On the other hand the novelty of the chairs quickly made the material a popular choice.

Last but not least the Cesca chair is a formidable representative for the successful realization of Bauhaus theories.

The Cesca cantilever B64 is identical with the B32 except it features armrests. While the tubular steel frame is minimalist in nature as expected, seat and backrest form a pleasant contrast. The beech wood frames in black or natural colour with Viennese netting, famously used by Thonet, make for the homelike quality of the chairs. The organic material not only increases the comfort level but also visually adds a warm touch that many other Bauhaus classics tend to lack.

The Marcel Breuer chair typically serves as a dining room chair and, especially in open layouts, as a kitchen chair.

These designer chairs are far more than educational material for design students.