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Philippe Starck Designer Chairs


The French design insurgent Philippe Starck can proudly look back at many design hits. 114 designer chairs alone are presented on his website. To accuse him of randomness or lack of significance however would be unjust. Commerce is a tool for Starck, one of his tricks.

Even though Starck worked on many high-end projects he gained most popularity with his programmatic democratisation of design. And so it happens that it is possible to get an exclusive chair design for the discount giant Target for a handful of dollars. Cheap Chic isn’t just the name of one of his design chairs but also a motto. 

But back in the extravaganza of the 80’s socially critical messages still hadn’t become popular culture. In an overview of Philippe Starck designer chairs of the last 45 years one can follow the journey.


The Costes Chair – Just a Philippe Starck chair amongst many?


The Costes chair was part of the interior of the legendary Café Costes in Paris. Not only Starck’s interior design also the design furniture of the café added to his fast growing popularity. Not without reason.

Today one most likely comes across the Costes chair in a sophisticated dining room. It is not a chair that you pick without a sense for understated drama. You can’t miss this design classic and it definitely doesn’t hurt the eye.

At first sight the elegantly moulded plywood backrest dominates the picture. The part forms the armrests as well and covers the prominent chair from three sides. A tubular steel frame with only three legs holds the seat. This was designed to prevent the waiters of the popular and crowded café to trip while the leather-upholstered chair was designed to seat guests well.

Philippe Starck designer furniture comes in all shapes and colours; in plastic and sugary shades or in polished wood and sober colours. The Costes Chair belongs to the second category and is most certainly not a disposable but an investment for years.