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Harry Bertoia Designer Chairs


To call Harry Bertoia a one-hit wonder does not do him justice even though many believe there exists just one commercially utilized design concept by him. But this one hit turned into such a successful design classic that many believe that is all there is.

Similar to Eero Saarinen Bertoia found a perfect partner to realize his ideas in the manufacturer Knoll. His preferred material was always metal. His subsequent career as an artist should confirm this. And so it is not surprising that his hugely successful furniture designs are made of steel wire, stainless steel wire chairs to be exact.

If one has never seen or tested one of the wire chairs it is admittedly hard to imagine how comfortable the Harry Bertoia chair actually is. To sit on steel wire seems more torture than pleasure but he always had a gift to bring forth the soothing, smooth side of his favourite material. Be it in the form of these chairs or his sculptures that he worked on for the rest of his life.


The Harry Bertoia Chair – Utilitarian art


Harry Bertoia designer chairs or sculptures, the permeability of his objects is deliberate, even the essence of his designs. The artist frequently spoke about air and space as they pass through his chairs and other objects. 

The Wire chair, a popular dining and kitchen chair consists of a uniform wire seat shell and a slender stainless steel base. While the wire composition ensures lightweight the rounded corners visually reduce the hardness expected of the material.

The Diamond chair is another wire chair design with armrests and a declined backrest. The three dimensional shape of the seat shell creates beautiful effects since the concentration of the wire seems to change according to angle resulting in different patterns. In the right atmosphere the entire chair can resemble a piece of cloth floating in the air.

They are pieces of art for every home for which Bertoia truly deserves the commercial success that they brought him.