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Arne Jacobsen Designer Chairs


The Danish architect and designer experimented extensively before introducing a range of innovative plywood chairs in the 1950s. First came the Ant chair, a three legged, stackable chair with the seat seamlessly merging with the backrest. A seemingly normal feature this turned out to be a highly complex task for the manufacturer.

Jacobsen followed with a few more variations of designer chairs in different shapes, with or without rollers and armrests. All have one thing in common, the material: plywood.

Not least because of Jacobsen’s extended production research molded plywood is a fairly common material in furniture construction today. But at that time shaping the plywood in such a way that it would result in a durable seat shell was a major challenge for all participants. 


The Arne Jacobsen chair – likeable designer furniture


The highlight of this long-term design project came in 1955 with the Series 7 or to be more exact, the 3107 chair. It is believed to be one of the most sold chairs in the world. And not only that, this simplistic, unpretentious design, often celebrated as the ultimate kitchen chair, established a type. You would be hard-pressed to find a furniture store that gets away without a chair of this type. Of course mostly without bothering about the origins of the design.

The original itself is in production since its introduction in 1955, a fact that speaks for itself.


A kitchen chair with character


Whether as a dining room chair or, as mentioned earlier, a popular kitchen chair, the 3107 is easily associated with cheerful social gatherings. Looking at it standing around the table one can easily imagine a bunch of kids romping through the house or a group of old friends that finally managed to get together after a long time.

The social character of the 3107 does not only derive from its appearance but also the fact that the chair is stackable. For this reason even conference rooms and multi purpose halls are easily convinced by the many talents of this furniture design.

And last but not least one simply sits well in the Arne Jacobsen chair. That should be proof enough that the term Arne Jacobsen designer chair stands not for empty promises but a truly gifted designer chair.