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Le Corbusier designer chairs


When the subject of Le Corbusier designer chairs comes up it is actually about one chair in particular: the LC 7 swivel chair.

Like all LC design classics (except the sofa collection) introduced to the public in 1929 at the Salon d’Automne in Paris the chair is a product of the teamwork of Le Corbusier himself, his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and the young designer Charlotte Perriand. One would be mistaken to underestimate the importance of the two less known collaborators.

The fruitful team play between the three turned into a vital influence for modern design history. Particularly because of the representative value the designs have for the Bauhaus style in general.


The Le Corbusier chair – in the shadows of the easy chairs

Although the Siège tournant, fauteuil leads an almost shadowy existence in comparison to the other LC furniture the unusual swivel chair is an excellent cast for a role that the other, more famous upholstered chairs, could not fulfil. While the easy chairs do an excellent job as lounge furniture in waiting and living rooms around the world only the swivel chair is versatile enough to serve as a dining room or conference chair. Both it does very well.

The upholstered seat as well as the semi circle that forms the backrest delivers excellent seating comfort. Thanks to the swivel function is qualifies even as an office chair, especially for those who are tired of the typical functional corporate look.

The tubular steel frame and the characteristic upholstery that reveals its heritage instantly almost seem like the reversal of the idea that brought forth the LC 1 chair.  Instead of designing a version of a traditionally upholstered easy chair but without any upholstery we get a type of chair that could do without any of it but features an amply padded seat and back. 

Le Corbusier’s furniture designs form a well-thought-out module of his complete works. Each of them had to serve a particular purpose, just like elements of a mechanism. Although only a selected few materials are being used the famous architect devised each design in such a way that it met its particular purpose perfectly. There is nothing to add to it and nothing redundant. Each furniture design owes its existence to the architects desire to have furniture that meets his overall vision for his projects. 

The Le Corbusier chair LC 7 doesn’t survive trends and fashion since its introduction to the market in 1978.