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Designer tables          


When discussing designer furniture only few think of tables at first.  A pity since early modern design classics offer us a wide range of options that have only one thing in common: A smooth surface. Whether that rests on a pedestal or a sculptural base is a matter of taste. When it comes to material, form and size almost everything is possible. That makes the choice exciting enough to maybe, for once, choose the chairs according to the table instead of the other way round.


Designer tables by Le Corbusier


With the LC 6 and LC 10 Le Corbusier created two prototypes of designer tables. The LC 6 table as solid and massive as a construction of steel and glass can be. The LC 10 the light-footed all-rounder. Versatile not only because the table is unusually understated for a LC design but also because it is available in three different versions, a dining, a coffee and a side table. One could easily become a serial offender and have more than one LC 10 in the house.




Not only Le Corbusier and Eileen Gray themselves shared a friendly relationship – both temporarily lived in Roquebrune at the French Riviera – even their tables don’t mind giving each other company. The gifted Irish borne Gray designed two charming and unconventional designer tables and particularly the Adjustable table, a sophisticated side table, is a perfect companion for the LC chairs. The Jean table, a multipurpose folding table is no less smart.


A different take on designer tables


Eero Saarinen too splurged on his design and came up with variations of the same. The round, one-legged Tulip table comes in different proportions and sizes. And may be accompanied by the matching chairs if desired. A favourite for dining rooms and a well liked guest in living rooms as well.


Art on table


Two out of the ordinary and divers designs originated in Isamu Noguchi’s mind. The organically shaped top of his Coffee table rests on a sculptural base reminding us of the artistic calling of the designer.  Even the Cyclone table seems to capture some sort of kinetic energy in its base as the name already suggests.


The Barcelona table


Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona table on the other hand is more restrained, as one would expect from designer furniture by the legendary architect.  A discreet yet sophisticated companion for exceptional seating furniture.